SP-API Endpoints


Selling Partner API endpoints are associated with a particular AWS Region. The AWS Region is important because it is part of the credential scope, which is required for calculating a signature when calling the Selling Partner API.

[block:parameters] { "data": { "h-0": "Selling region", "h-1": "Endpoint", "h-2": "AWS region", "0-0": "North America (Canada, US, Mexico, and Brazil marketplaces)", "0-1": "https://sellingpartnerapi-na.amazon.com", "0-2": "us-east-1", "1-0": "Europe (Spain, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and India marketplaces)", "1-1": "https://sellingpartnerapi-eu.amazon.com", "1-2": "eu-west-1", "2-0": "Far East (Singapore, Australia, and Japan marketplaces)", "2-1": "https://sellingpartnerapi-fe.amazon.com", "2-2": "us-west-2" }, "cols": 3, "rows": 3 } [/block]