Grantless operations


For seller applications only.

A grantless operation is an operation that you can call without explicit authorization from a selling partner. This means that when you request a Login with Amazon access token prior to calling a grantless operation, you don't need to provide a refresh token. Instead, you use the scope parameter to provide the scope of the LWA authorization grant. If you use a generated Java SDK (see Connecting to the Selling Partner API using a generated Java SDK) to call grantless operations, use the withScopes parameter to set one or more scopes for the LWA authorization grant when you configure your LWA credentials.

See the following table for the grantless operations in the Selling Partner API.

Grantless operations

Operation name HTTP method and path
createDestination POST /notifications/v1/destinations
deleteDestination DELETE /notifications/v1/destinations/{destinationId}
deleteSubscriptionById DELETE /notifications/v2/subscriptions/{notificationType}/{subscriptionId}
getDestination GET /notifications/v1/destinations/{destinationId}
getDestinations GET /notifications/v1/destinations
getSubscriptionById GET /notifications/v1/subscriptions/{notificationType}/{subscriptionId}
getAuthorizationCode GET /authorization/v1/authorizationCode