Listings Feed Processing Report Schema V2



"$comment": "JSON Schema describing the document format for JSON Selling Partner Listings Feeds Processing Report (v2).", "title": "Selling Partner JSON Listings Feed Processing Report (v2)", "properties": { "header": { "title": "Processing Report Header", "description": "Header information about the feed submission.", "properties": { "sellerId": { "title": "Selling Partner Identifier", "description": "Identifier for the Selling Partner, such as the Merchant Account or Vendor Code.", "type": "string" }, "version": { "title": "Feed Version", "description": "Version of the JSON Selling Partner Listings Feeds specification used for the feed submission.", "const": "2.0", "type": "string" }, "feedId": { "title": "Feed Identifier", "description": "The identifier for the feed. This identifier is unique only in combination with a seller ID.", "type": "string" } }, "required": [ "sellerId", "version", "feedId" ], "type": "object" }, "issues": { "title": "Issues Encountered Processing Messages", "description": "Issues containing message processing information for the Selling Partner.", "minItems": 0, "items": { "title": "Issue", "description": "Issue containing message processing information corresponding to an individual listings data submission.", "properties": { "messageId": { "title": "Message Identifier", "description": "Identifier for the message that is unique within this feed submission. Correlated to Identifiers provided in the submitted feed. Not provided if the error is not related to a message (e.g. feed formatting issue).", "examples": [ 1 ], "minimum": 1, "type": "integer" }, "code": { "title": "Error Code", "description": "An Optional error code that maps to documentation.", "examples": [ "ABC123" ], "minLength": 1, "type": "string" }, "severity": { "title": "Error Severity", "description": "The severity of the issue.", "enum": [ "ERROR", "WARNING", "INFO" ], "type": "string" }, "message": { "title": "Localized Error Message", "description": "Localized Error Message Associated with the issue encountered.", "examples": [ "'[batteries_required]' is required but not supplied." ], "minLength": 1, "type": "string" }, "attributeName": { "description": "Name of the attribute associated with the issue, if applicable.", "examples": [ "item_type_name" ], "type": "string" } }, "required": [ "severity", "message" ], "type": "object" }, "type": "array" }, "summary": { "title": "Processing Report Summary", "description": "Aggregate Count of Errors, Warnings, and the status of message submissions.", "properties": { "errors": { "title": "Errors", "description": "Number of errors encountered processing the feed.", "examples": [ 1 ], "minimum": 0, "type": "integer" }, "warnings": { "title": "Warnings", "description": "Number of warnings encountered processing the feed.", "examples": [ 1 ], "minimum": 0, "type": "integer" }, "messagesProcessed": { "title": "Messages Processed", "description": "Number of messages processed.", "examples": [ 1 ], "minimum": 0, "type": "integer" }, "messagesAccepted": { "title": "Messages Accepted", "description": "Number of messages that were accepted, the associated updates are being applied.", "examples": [ 1 ], "minimum": 0, "type": "integer" }, "messagesInvalid": { "title": "Messages Invalid", "description": "Number of messages that were invalid, the associated updates will not be applied.", "examples": [ 1 ], "minimum": 0, "type": "integer" } }, "required": [ "errors", "warnings", "messagesProcessed", "messagesAccepted", "messagesInvalid" ], "type": "object" } }, "required": [ "header", "issues", "summary" ], "type": "object" }